Check if you need a Business visa

The Business visa is issued by the Indonesian Embassy to applicants visiting Indonesia for normal business activities such as attending meetings, providing training, conducting audits or purchasing goods. A business visa is a Single entry visa.

Business activities

With ‘normal business activities’ that fall under a Business visa, the following activities are understood:

  • Attending business meetings/discussions
  • Attending conferences or seminars
  • Purchasing goods
  • Joining a vessel within Indonesian territory
  • Conducting an audit/inspection
  • Providing guidance, counselling and training
  • Testing and evaluating prospective workers

Working in Indonesia

It is not permitted to work in Indonesia or get paid by a company in Indonesia in exchange for goods or services. In such cases, you will need a Limited stay visa.

Limited stay visa

Visa free or visa on arrival (VoA)

If you are coming to Indonesia to give a lecture or attend a seminar, you might not need to apply for a Business visa depending on your nationality, duration of stay and point of entry into Indonesia.

Visa free travel
Visa on Arrival (VoA)

Visiting Indonesia frequently

If you must travel to Indonesia frequently for business purposes for no more than 60 days per visit, you can apply for a Multiple visit visa.

Multiple entry visa