Supporting documents & authorization

In addition to the documents normally required to submit a visa application, you may need other supplementary documents and/or undertake additional steps to complete your submission. Find out if any of this applies to you.

Invitation and reference letters

If you are visiting Indonesia to:

  • Attend business meetings/discussions
  • Attend conferences or seminars
  • Purchase goods
  • Join a vessel within Indonesian territory

You will need to attach an invitation letter and reference letter from the Indonesian/visiting company and Dutch/visiting company respectively. These letters must state personal data of the applicant, purpose of visit and length of stay. They also should be in official letterhead with the corresponding logos and signatures. The letters should be addressed to:

Attaché of Immigration
Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
Tobias Asserlaan 8
2517KC, The Hague

In sum, be sure to have, in addition to the regular supporting documents required for a visa application,:

  • A copy of an official invitation letter from the Indonesian/visited company.
  • A copy of the Indonesian identifcation card (KTP) of the person who signed the invitation letter.
  • A copy of an official reference letter from the Dutch/visiting company.

Authorization letters (TELEX)

If you are visiting Indonesia to:

  • Conduct an audit/inspection
  • Provide guidance, counselling and training
  • Test and/or evaluate prospective workers

You will need to request prior authorization from the Directorate General of Immigration before applying for a visa. Once authorized, you will be issued with an authorization letter that should accompany your visa submission. In order to request authorization, you must have a sponsor in Indonesia. For a Business visa, this is the company established in Indonesia. The sponsor must make use of the online authorization service at the following website:

Once authorization has been granted, the authorization letter will be sent to your sponsor by E-mail or fax. Ask your sponsor to send you this document, print it out and bring it with you when you submit your visa application. Note that the letter is valid for two months upon date of issue.