Supporting documents & authorization

Citizens of certain nationalities require an Authorization Letter (TELEX). As such, extra steps must be taken on top of the usual visa application procedure.

  • Authorization letters (TELEX)

All types of Limited Stay Visa require an Authorization Letter (TELEX) from the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta. You must have a sponsor/reference person in Indonesia who will request this letter on behalf of you. The Embassy can only issue a visa in accordance with the data that is found in the authorization letter. To submit an authorization request, your sponsor must use the following website:

Your sponsor will receive a separate set of instructions to complete the authorization process. Once authorization has been granted, the authorization letter will be sent to your sponsor by E-mail or fax. Ask your sponsor to send you this document, print it out and bring it with you when you submit your visa application. Note that the letter is valid for two months upon date of issue.

Additional procedures

If you are either retiring in Indonesia or planning to conduct research, you must undertake extra steps and/or gather supplementary documents prior to your application.

Retiring in Indonesia

If you are a national of one of the countries eligible for retirement in Indonesia, note that you must have the following documents in your visa submission:

  • 10 (ten) passport photographs (size 4 x 6 x cm) with a red background.
  • Your curriculum vitae.
  • A bank account statement issued by a bank or pension fund declaring that a monthly fund of at least US$ 1,500.00 is available to you during your stay in Indonesia.
  • Medical insurance, mortality insurance and Legal Affairs (personal liability) insurance.
  • A statement or evidence verifying that your accommodation will be purchased with a minimum sum of US$ 35,000.00 or rented with a minimum rent of US$ 500 per month.
  • A statement declaring the employment of a maid/servant during your stay in Indonesia.
  • A statement declaring that you will not engage in business activities nor employment to sustain your living expenses.

Research permit

If you are coming to Indonesia to conduct research, you must submit your application through the Ministry of Research and Technology.  You will need to supply the relevant documents as demanded by the Ministry. To apply for a research visa, follow the procedures on the following website:

You will not need to start your visa application via this website (