Check if you need a Socio-cultural visa

A Socio-cultural visa is intended for those who are visiting Indonesia to carry out activities for social (i.e. family or friends) or cultural purposes. Whether or not you need a Socio-cultural visa depends on your nationality, intended duration of stay and point of entry into Indonesia. A socio-cultural visa is a Single entry visa.

Socio-cultural visits

Socio-cultural visits are characterized by having the following purposes:

  • Visit relatives or friends.
  • Carry out a non-commercial cultural/artistic performance.
  • Train or compete in a sports training programme or competition.
  • Attend/give a short course or training.
  • Participate in comparative studies between institutions.
  • Doing an internship/volunteer work


Some visiting purposes first require an Authorization letter (TELEX) from the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta before the visa can be applied for. This will influence how far in advance you will have to start gathering the required documents.

Supporting documents & authorization

Maximum period of stay

The Embassy only issues Socio-cultural visas for visits with a maximum staying period of 60 (sixty) days per visit. A Socio-cultural visa can be extended up to 4 (four) times (30 days/extension) together with your sponsor at the local Immigration Ofice.