Supporting documents & authorization

You may need to have certain supporting documents or undertake extra steps in order to apply for a Socio-cultural visa. Find out if any of this applies to you.

Supporting documents

Depending on the purpose of your travel, you will need to bring certain supporting documents.

Visiting family and/or friends

If you are visiting family and/or friends, you must have at least one sponsor/reference person/guarantor who has an Indonesian identification card (KTP). When you submit your visa application, be sure to attach:

  • A filled in and signed sponsor letter, which can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • A copy of the sponsor’s Indonesian identification card.

Attending a short course, exchange or comparative studies between institutions

When travelling to Indonesia for short courses, exchanges or comparative studies, you must submit an invitation and reference letter from both the visited and visiting institutions respectively. These letters must be addressed to:

Attaché of Immigration
Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
Tobias Asserlaan 8
2517KC, The Hague

The letters must have official letterheads, logos and signatures and must state the personal data of the applicant, purpose of visit and length of stay. In total, be sure to have attached:

  • A copy of an official invitation letter from the Indonesian/visited institution.
  • A copy of the Indonesian identifcation card (KTP) of the person who signed the invitation letter.
  • A copy of an official reference letter from the Dutch/visiting institution.